Subject: Investment Newsletter - November 19, 2000

Volume 1 No. 11 November 19, 2000

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We were on vacation last week in sunny Club Med, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. What a beautiful place and we didn't look at the market one day during the week. If this bear market has got you down or nervous, turn off the TV, put down the newspaper and get away from the market for a week. Due to our vacation this is a shortened newsletter and we will return to our previous format next week. We did finish the book "100 Ways to Beat the Market" and highly recomend it. Number 11 states:

"The worst excuse I've ever heard for refusing to invest in stocks is the old line, "Well, the market's kind of down right now, isn't it? I'd rather wait until things turn around."

"That's like saying "I'd really like to buy a new suit, but Macy's has that rediculous 30 percent off sale going on right now, so I think I'll wait. When prices get back to normal, then I'll go back and buy the suit."  The stock market is one of the only venues of commerce in which consumers actually shrink away from the bargains.  When stocks are on sale, that's the time to buy."..... What great wisdom.

You can puchase or read reviews or purchase at this book is rated 4 out of 5 stars and lists for $20.00 and is on sale for $16.00.

Also see our Bear Market page at for additional strategies. Hopefully the election will be decided this week which should move us upwards. The one problem with trying to time the market is that an upward move can come very quickly and can easily be missed. Good luck to all you this week.

The book "How to Buy Technology Stocks" by Michael Gianturco, says that the best day to buy Tech stocks is "three in afternoon on Monday in the week of Thanksgiving day". That was today. The book is available through at for $13.95 and is rated 4 out of 5 stars.


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