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Volume 1 No. 4 October 1, 2000

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1. Market Overview ==> "Sept Blues"
2. Week in Review ==> "Warnings"
3. Upcoming Week's News
4. Investing Web-site of the Week =>""
5. Stock of the Week =>"YHOO"
6. Stocks to Watch  =>"AAPL,PCLN,INTC"
7. Strategy of the Week  =>"Buy on rumor, sell on fact"
8. Book of the Week  =>"What Works on Wall Street"
9. Articles of the Week
10. Wizard's Quote of the Week =>"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got"
11. Future Trends ==> "Flying Cars"
12. Monkey Picks
13. Hot Links
14. Ask Us a Question ==>"How many stocks in the Nasdaq?"
15. Disclaimer
16. Miscellaneous

The market was down for the previous week. The Dow was down 196 points or 1.81%, the Nasdaq was down 131 points or 3.45% and the S&P 500 was down 10 points or 0.72%. Good-bye September. Nasdaq was down 12.69% for the month. Thursday was a good day but then Apple Computers (AAPL) warned after the close and dropped over 50% on Friday. See Nasdaq Candlestick chart below. Nasdaq had 4 down days and one up day with support at 3650 and resistance at 3750. Heading into October we see a possible turnaround, if earning or economic data is good.

Stocks end lousy month with a thud

Priceline and Apple warn and both stocks get clobbered.

Tech's Continue to show weakness
Cisco (CSCO) breaks through 60 to finish week at 55 1/4
Intel (INTC) continues its slide to finish at 41 9/16
Microstoft (MSFT) stays above 60 where it has support to close at 60 5/16
Yahoo (YHOO) breaks support of $100 and finishes week at 91

Check Yahoo for current prices,intc,msft,yhoo&d=v1

Sumpreme Court Declines Microsoft Case

MSFT May Slip as Allen Leaves Board

FDA OKs CTIC leukemia drug

E-signatures law takes effect

Could the data save stocks?


Next week's initial public offering calendar looks fairly light with only about half a dozen companies scheduled to price.

Asia Global Crossing Limited {AGCX} looks to be the largest issue, with a deal valued at $995.2 million.
Comdisco Ventures (CDOV)
Oplink Communications (OPLK)
Tality Corp. (TLTY)
New Skies Satellites(NSK)

See how they're doing on Yahoo,cdov,oplk,tlty,nsk&d=v1

Interesting Upcoming Earnings
Actuate Software Corp. (ACTU)
Bio-Vascular (BVAS)
Gannett Co (GCI)
Genomic Solutions (GNSL)
Napro Biotherapeutics (NPRO)
Office Depot Inc (ODP)
Walgreen Co (WAG)
Applied Power (APW)
LightPath Technologies (LPTH)
Unisys Corp (UIS)
Micron Technology Inc (MU)
PepsiCo Inc (PEP)
Alcoa Inc (AA)
Net 2 Phone Inc.(NTOP)
Ruby Tuesday Inc (RI)
Lo-Jack Corp. (LOJN)
Paine Webber Group Inc (PWJ)

Get quote on Yahoo at,bvas,gci,gnsl,npro,odp,wag,apw,lpth,uis,mu,pep,aa,ntop,ri,lojn,pwj&d=v1

Complete list see

Interesting Upcoming Stock Splits
Human Genome(HGSI) 2-for-1
Corning(GLW) 3-for-1
Audio Codes (AUDC) 2-for-1
Sonus Networks(SONS) 3-for-1

Get quote on Yahoo at,glw,audc,sons&d=v1

Complete list see

Lockups Expiring

Economic Calendar


Our site of the week is  View their TV program, listen to their radio program or sign up for their free course at

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This report is dataed 10/1/00

Our stock of the week is not a recommendation to buy or sell, just an interesting company you might want to follow. Please see our disclaimer at the end of this newsletter.

Our stock of the week is Yahoo! ticker (YHOO). Yahoo's home page is at Get a quote at yahoo at

Yahoo! Inc. is a global Internet communications, commerce and media company that offers a comprehensive branded network of services to more than 120 million users each month worldwide. As the first online navigational guide to the World Wide Web, is a major guide in terms of traffic, advertising, household and business user reach, and is one of the most recognized brands associated with the Internet. The Company also provides online business services designed to enhance its clients' Web services, including audio and video streaming, store hosting and management, and Web site tools and services. Under the Yahoo! brand, the Company provides broadcast media, communications, and commerce services. Company has 5,200 advertisers. Has acquired GeoCities, Yahoo! has also entered the free ISP arena by participating in Kmart's SOFTBANK owns nearly 22% of Yahoo!; founders and "chief Yahoo!s" David Filo and Jerry Yang own nearly 9% and about 8%, respectively. Also recently started which will allow you to get expert advice from their system. Their Finance content is top rated and they are the number 2 site with 52 million view for the month of August behind AOL.

If you invest in this stock please use only an amount you are willing to lose as it is risky. We also recommend entering the stock when it's in an up-trend and above its 200 day moving average as it's currently in an MACD down-trend, and below it's 200 day moving average. If you do enter it you should cut your loses at 8% of your original investment which is a stop price of 83.72 at its current price of 91. Stock is down 26.5% in the last 3 months, 47% in the last 6 months and up 3.7% in the last 12 months and its performed better than stocks in its industry group over the past year, but worse over the last 3 and 6 months. Its 52-week high is $250 1/16 and it's currently trading at 91 which is 63% from its high. Resistance at $120 and support at $90. According to their 10Q there are no substantial legal proceedings against Yahoo. Their revenues for the previous 12 months was $854.7 Million with $203 Million in income. rates Yahoo as an "A+" for Growth, "C" for profitability, "A-" for financial health, and an "D-" for valuation which is an OK rating but a bit overvalued. rates 100% short term sell, 100% Medium term sell and long-term 100% sell which is as bad as it can get. Stock has a 1.53 rating on Yahoo, which is good. VectorVest rates it good value, poor safety, very poor timing. for an overall rating of poor and they have a sell recommendation on the stock. To do a complete analysis go to . Stock is one of the Motley fools Rule Maker stocks.

Find out more about Yahoo in the book at

One risk of many is that this stock is very overvalued, and the Nasdaq has been performing poorly, ad revenue risk, poor performance of Internet sector and stock is currently in a steep down trend, ad-blocking software can prevent users from seeing ads on Yahoo.

Click below for research link on yhoo:

* Motley Fools at
* Money Central at
* at
* at
* at
* at
* Yahoo at
* Second Opinion at
* Thomson I-watch at
* Raging Bull at
* 10Q at
* Broker Reports at
* Momentum report at
* Vector Vest at

Please note that author doesn't own any shares of this stock.

YTD (Year-to-date) Chart

INTC - down big, may find support at 40
PCLN - support at 10
AAPL - support at 20 - Dead cat bounce on Monday?
YHOO - support at 90

Buy on rumor and sell on Fact

A well known strategy says the when a positive rumor is in effect, the price of a security will go up and when the rumor actually becomes true the price of the stock will drop because the price of stock is based on the future, not on the past.

What Works on Wall Street by James P. O'Shaughnessy
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Start an Investment Diary

One way to improve your returns in the market is to keep a detailed investing diary and every quarter examine your trades. Identify what stock you bought and sold and why. Identify what mistakes you make and try not to make them again. Did you buy on an uptrend? Did you cut your losses? Did you spend enough time researching the stock you bought? Remember the saying "He who fails to learn from the past is doomed to repeat it." This is applicable to your portfolio also.

What would you buy if you were all in cash

Another, game to play is to identify what stocks you would buy today if you had all your money in cash. Do you hate the losing stocks you have? Are there stocks you would buy now if you only had the cash. Well, one of the most difficult things to do is to detach yourself from a losing investment. Take a look at your portfolio. Do you like what you see. Would you buy these stocks today? There is no reason to hold a stock in which you wish you had never bought, with the hope that it may one day come back. It may not. You may want to sell some of these losers to offset some of your winners, and reduce your tax for the year. Today, identify how much cash you would have if you sold your hole portfolio and figure out how you would invest this money. The only thing you may consider is whether you are getting close to a long term capital gain. In this case it may pay to hold a stock a little longer. Don't get stuck with a losing stock that you no longer want. Take the loss, and find a new stock that has a better chance of appreciating.

Why Nokia Looks like a buy

Tissue Engineering Emerging?

Retire 10 years early

Kudlow: Don’t Fear Inflation

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got"

Basically this bit of wisdom applies to the stock market and life in general. Has your portfolio been growing, then keep doing what your doing. Has your portfolio been shrinking? Maybe it's time to re-evaluate what you are doing and to try a new strategy.

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11. Future Trends
One day we may fly around in our cars. This day may be sooner than you think.

Our Monkey has picked the following stocks for the week of October 2, 2000

* WR (Western Res)
* Q (Qwest Comms Intl)
* SFI (Istar Finl)
* PRST (Presstek)
* ABGX(Abgenix )

Get a quote at yahoo here

You can visit our monkey at

For the previous weeks picks our monkey was up 3.42% vs. the S&P 500 down .72%. Our monkey did better than all three indexes last week, he has a 6 - 3, won-loss record against the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq indexes

* SUPG (Supergen) +0.66%
* GGB (Gerdau USA) +0.00%
* SGI (Silicon Graphics) +12.28%
* MEA (Mead Corp.) +1.36%
* ANN (Ann Taylor Stores) -10.87%
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How many stocks are in the nasdaq?

The nasdaq composite as of 9/29/2000 contains 4867 stocks. see

The Nasdaq site is at:

Nasdaq also has a number of indexes at

You can trade the top 100 Nasdaq stocks via the stock symbol "QQQ"


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