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1. Market Overview
2. Week in Review
3. Upcoming Week's News
4. Investing Web-site of the Week =>""
5. Stock of the Week =>"SUNW"
6. Stocks to Watch  =>"KREM, HGSI"
7. Strategy of the Week  =>"Sell 50% of a stock that has doubled"
8. Book of the Week  =>"Telecosm by George Gilder"
9. Articles of the Week
10. Investing Contest =>"Ends Sep. 30"
11. Wizard's Quote of the Week =>"Sell your losers"
12. Monkey Picks
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15. Disclaimer
16. Miscellaneous

The market was down a little for the previous week. The Dow was down 79 points or 0.73%, the Nasdaq was down 31 points or 0.82% and the S&P 500 was down 17 points or 1.17%. September is living up to its poor performance record. Nasdaq is down 9.6% for the month so far. On Friday, Intel's sales warning caused the market to gap down to the 3614 level, but it was straight up from there to close almost 200 pts. from the open at 3803.  Nasdaq held support at 3800, which is a good technical indicator for the following week. See Nasdaq Candlestick chart below. Intel traded 308 million shares which is a record for a stock in one day.

Week started with earning warnings from a number of companies and ended with a revenue warning from Intel. All warned that future earnings or sales will be lower than previously estimated. The weak Euro is being blamed for revised earnings.  What ever happened to hedging currency risk?

Euro and Oil
The Euro was trading below $0.85 , a new low, and crude oil hit new high of over $37 a barrel.  The falling Euro and rising oil prices are throwing serious doubt on estimates of future earnings, especially in Old Economy companies. By end of the week the White House announced that it will release crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The European Central Bank, and Japan and the US, plan to support the Euro by buying the currency.

Intel will miss revenue targets
This caused a near panic in the markets with the Nasdaq opening 212 points lower. Intel traded over 308 million shares which is a record and was down 13 35/64 points, a 22% loss to close at 47 15/16.

Other News
* The Motley Fools picked HGSI as a Rule Breaker stock
* AOL and Time warner will find out if there merger will be approved within the next 30 days.
* HP announces 1 Billion Stock Buy back, and said they are comfortable with earning estimates
* Ebay expects revenues to reach $3 billion by 2005, a growth rate of roughly 50% a year

On the positive side:
* Important support level of 3800 for the Nasdaq has been held
* CSCO closed above $60, which is an important support level for the stock and as Cisco goes usually so goes the Nasdaq
* Friday after Intel announced revenue shortfall, the market made an amazing comeback from 212 point deficit to close down only 25 points to come back from the 3600 level to close above the 3800 level.
* 3M is forecasting strong growth for the next three years and upcoming quarterly earnings would meet expectations


More than 20 new stocks are on the calendar for next week, including several companies in the popular networking and biotech sectors. The performance of these IPOs will indicate whether the Investment Banks will slow the flow of them.

The most interesting IPOs are:
CoSine Communications(COSN)
Elastic Networks (ELA) a spinoff from Nortel  
Head (HED) - maker of tennis equipment
Genomica (GNOM) - software for drug companies
Simple Technology Inc. - STEC
AdvantGo Inc. (AVGO) - Mobile infrastructure software

Interesting Upcoming Earnings
Cabletron Systems (CS)
Tibco Software(TIBX)
Corel Corp (CORL)
Biotechnology General (BTGC)

Complete list see

Interesting Upcoming Stock Splits

Complete list see

Lockups Expiring

Economic Calendar

Missed CNBC because you were working? Our Web-site of the week is, Yahoo's Finance Vision. This is a great site, though you need a fast Cable Modem, DSL, or other broadband connection to really appreciate it. Get up to the minute analysis with very high quality video.

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Our stock of the week is not a recommendation to buy or sell, just an interesting company you might want to follow. Please see our disclaimer at the end of this newsletter.

Our stock of the week is Sun Microsystems ticker (SUNW). Sun's home page is at Get a quote at yahoo at

Sun Microsystems, Inc. is a worldwide provider of products, services and support solutions for building and maintaining network computing environments. The Company sells scalable computer systems, high-speed microprocessors and high performance software for operating network computing equipment and storage products. The Company also provides support, education and professional services. The Company's products are used for many demanding commercial and technical applications in various industries including telecommunications, manufacturing, financial services, education, retail, government, energy and healthcare. They are the creators of the Java programming language. Recently acquired Cobalt Networks.

If you invest in this stock please use only an amount you are willing to lose as it is risky. We also recommend cutting your loses at 8% of your original investment which is a stop price of 108.62. The stock is currently in a weak MACD up trend, . Stock is up 36% in the last 3 months, 17% in the last 6 months and up 161% in the last 12 months and its performed better than stocks in its industry group. Its 52-week high is $129.31 and it's currently trading at 118 1/16. Resistance at $120 and support at $110. According to their 10Q there are no legal proceedings against Sun, but Sun has a suit against Microsoft. Their revenues for the previous 12 months was $15.7 Billion with $1.8 Billion in income. rates Sun as an "B" for Growth, "A+" for profitability, "A-" for financial health, and an "D" for valuation which is a great rating but a bit overvalued. rates 20% short term sell, 75% Medium term buy and long-term 67% buy. Stock has a 1.43 rating on Yahoo, which is good. VectorVest rate it good value, good safety, excellent timing. for an overall rating of very good and they have a buy recommendation on the stock. To do a complete analysis go to Steeper competition with new servers coming from HP, Compaq Computer, SGI and especially IBM. Stock will split on Nov. 9, 2000. We predict a split price of $144. Fidelity Management & Research is the top institutional holder with $7.8 Billion in stock

Find out more about Sun at

One risk of many is that this stock is overvalued, and the Nasdaq has been performing poorly.

Click below for research link on SUNW:

* Motley Fools at
* Money Central at
* at
* at
* at
* at
* Yahoo at
* Second Opinion at
* Thomson I-watch at
* Raging Bull at
* 10Q at
* Broker Reports at
* Momentum report at
* Vector Vest at

Please note that author currently holds shares of this stock.

Sun announces stock split amid sales surge


YTD (Year-to-date) Chart

* KREM - Just hit $100, up too fast, ridiculous P/E for food company,
* HGSI - Just named as Rule Breaker by the Motley Fools

Sell 50% of a stock that has doubled

If a stock doubles, you should sell half of it. This way you cannot lose any of your initial investment in the stock. Though had you done this with a stock like Microsoft early on you would have lost a tremendous amount over time

Telecosm "How Infinite Bandwidth will Revolutionize the World" by George Gilder
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Special Report: Euro's Bruising Effects

Ashok Kumar on Intel
You can enter our contest and win the book "The Gorilla Game" by guessing the value of the Nasdaq on the last trading day of the year. The last day of the contest is Sep. 30, 2000.  

"Sell your losers". One of the most common pieces of advice the experts give, also to do it quickly. A stock that's down 50% needs a 100% rise to break even, down 67% need a 300% return to break even. How many stocks do you know that have returned 300%. Also you can lose in what's called opportunity costs. While your losing stock is trying to recover, your investment money is tied up, when it might be better off in another stock.

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Our Monkey has picked the following stocks for the week of September 24, 2000

* SUPG (Supergen)
* GGB (Gerdau USA)
* SGI (Silicon Graphics)
* MEA (Mead Corp.)
* ANN (Ann Taylor Stores)

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For the previous weeks picks our monkey was down 5.82% vs. the S&P 500 down 1.17%. Our monkey did worse than all three indexes last week, he has a 3 - 3, won-loss record against the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq indexes

* PRIA (PRI Automation) -15.17%
* LE (Lands End) -0.28%
* SFN (Spherion Corp) -2.42%
* GGa (Gold Corp A)-7.8%
* CTC (Comp De Telecom)-0.36%

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Bid size 30 means there are 30 * 100 or 3000 shares that some is willing to buy at the Bid price, the 11 means 11 * 100 or 1100 shares that someone is willing to sell at the ask price. If the bid price is 50 1/4 and the ask is 50 1/2, this means someone is willing to sell 1100 shares (the Ask times 100, since the bid and ask are quoted in round lots of 100 shares) at 50 1/2 and someone else is willing to buy 3000 shares at 50 1/4. These prices are set mostly by market makers and specialists. You can affect the bid and the ask by placing a limit order that is within the spread (bid and ask). Say if you want to buy 100 shares at 50 3/8 and put in a limit order, then the bid x ask will be 1 x 11 with the bid 50 3/8 and the ask of 50 1/2.

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