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Volume 1 No. 2 September 17, 2000

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Our newsletter got off to a good start with our initial issue.  We accurately predicted that the Nasdaq, would be down Monday and Tuesday and turn-around on Wednesday which it did. We think we may have some further down-side to go as the NASDAQ is currently below it's 200 day moving average which is an important support level it's been below since last Friday.  Another negative sign is that the Nasdaq was down on increasing volume which is a negative indication. On the positive side Cisco finished up on Friday and the New Economy is here to stay. The Nasdaq may flirt with 3500, some time mid October, but we expect a good move through the end of the year with our end of year prediction of 4572 - 4813.

The market performed poorly for the previous week. The Dow was down 293 points or 2.6%, the Nasdaq was down 143 points or 3.6% and the S&P 500 was down 28 points or 1.92%. September is living up to its poor performance record. We predict another down week for all the US markets, with a possible up day on Wednesday


Chase to Acquire JP Morgan
Chase Manhattan Bank agreed to acquire JP Morgan for 36 Billion in stock as the financial services industry continues to consolidate. Each share of JP Morgan will be swapped for 3.7 shares of Chase. The agreement will make it number 2 in size behind Citigroup.

Euro Hits New Low
The Euro currency hit a new low of $0.85 against the dollar due to increased oil prices. Unstable currencies are bad for the US as they limit free trade between countries. It may also reduce earnings of US companies which do business in Europe, though it may be a good time to visit, with the favorable exchange rate.

Oil Protests In Europe
Truckers and taxi drivers have blocked access to fuel depots for days creating shortages, and panic buying due to high price of oil and taxes.

U.S. Oil Hits New 10-Year High
Oil prices surged to $36 a barrel as traders don't expect President Clinton to tap the Strategic reserves to lower its price.

Oracle Profit Rises on Improved Margins
Oracle reported profits that beat estimates and announced a 2-for-1 stock split. The stock was down 7.8% on Friday because their application software sales were not as strong as expected.

Adobe Soundly Beats Earnings Forecasts
Adobe Systems easily beat earnings expectations and announced a 2-for-1 stock split.

Gates, Allen to Sell Millions in Stock
Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the original founders of Microsoft file to sell $109.3 Million in stock.



  Eden Biosciences
  InRange Technologies


Sept. 18
  Barnes and
  Circuit City(CC)
  Morgan Stanley Dean Witter(MDW)
  Research in Motion(RIMM)

Sept. 19
  Jabil Circuit(JBL)

Sept. 20
  Lehman Bros.(LEH)
  Bed Bath & Beyond(BBBY)

Sept.. 21
  Celera Genomics (CRA)
Stock Splits

SonicWall (2-for-1) SNWL
Anheiser Bush (2-for-1) BUD
II-VI (2-for-1) IIVI
SBS Technologies (2-for-1) SBSE
M-Systems (2-for-1) FLSH

Lockups Expiring

Economic Calendar

Sept. 19, 8:30 am Building Permits and Housing Starts

Sept. 20, 8:30 am Trade Balance

Sept. 21, 8:30 am Jobless Claims

----------------------------------------------- is our web-site of the week. The Motley Fools have excellent content, articles and even a sense of humor. The fools monitor 5 different trading strategies. Rule Breaker, Rule Maker, Foolish 4, Drip and Boring

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Our stock of the week is not a recommendation to buy or sell, just an interesting company you might want to follow.

Our stock of the week is Juniper Networks ticker (JNPR). Juniper's home page is at . Get a quote at yahoo at Juniper Networks, Inc. is a provider of Internet infrastructure solutions that enable Internet service providers and other telecommunications service providers, to meet the demands resulting from the rapid growth of the Internet. The Company delivers next generation Internet backbone routers that are specifically designed, or purpose-built, for service provider networks. The Company's flagship product is the M40 Internet backbone router, and it recently introduced the M20, an Internet backbone router purpose-built for emerging service providers. The Company's Internet backbone routers combine the features of the JUNOS Internet Software, high performance ASIC-based packet forwarding technology and Internet-optimized architecture into a purpose-built solution for service providers. Unlike conventional routers, which were originally developed for enterprise applications and are increasingly inadequate for service provider use in public networks, the Company's Internet backbone routers are specifically designed to accommodate the size and scope of the Internet. Company may announce a stock split during the next board meeting scheduled for Oct. 11th.

If you invest in this stock please use only an amount you are willing to lose as it is very risky. We also recommend cutting your loses at 8% of your original investment which is a stop price of $185.55. The stock is currently in an MACD up trend, which is good. Stock is up 78.5% in the last 3 months, 61% in the last 6 months and up 563% in the last 12 months. Its 52-week high is $228 and it's currently trading at 201 11/16. According to their 10Q there are no legal proceedings against Juniper. Their revenues for the previous 12 months was $252 Million. rates Juniper as an NA for Growth, D for profitability, NA for financial health, and an F for valuation which is bad. rates 60% short term buy, 25% Medium term buy and long-term 100% buy. Stock has a 1.12 rating on Yahoo, which is very good. To do a complete analysis go to

One risk of many is that this stock is very overvalued, and the Nasdaq has been performing poorly.

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* AOL - May have good upside on Monday
* BRCM- Profiled in Monday's Investor Business Daily
* NUAN-Hot IPO of the year, keep an eye on it.


We recommend the book "Online Investing" by Jon D. Markman.. You can purchase it here for $19.99, $5.00 off of the list price. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars at ONLINE INVESTING is intended to help investors learn how to build wealth and manage their finances on line in under 30 minutes a day. The book is a lively guide packed with up-to-date information about online trading issues-a must-have resource for discovering new investment ideas online. Readers will learn how to find, evaluate, and use sites that offer the most comprehensive sets of fundamental data, technical-analysis charting tools, corporate financial statements, analyst estimates, insider trading data, and SEC ownership statements. ONLINE INVESTING also shows readers how to:

Evaluate online brokerages' fast-changing options Select commission plans and services Effectively track an investment's price and fundamental performance on the Web's best portfolio management sites. This is a really great book. Highly recommended by our staff.

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Genzyme General Will Gel Well With Geltex

Advanced Micro Devices Closes In

Analysts Talk Hot Biotech Stock Picks

Investing 101: How Not to Get Screwed by Market Makers

How to Get in on IPO's

You can enter our contest and win the book "The Gorilla Game" by guessing the value of the Nasdaq on the last trading day of the year. The last day of the contest is Sep. 30, 2000.  

"You should be buying when you fear the most". The market usually turns around when there are no more sellers. This usually occurs right after you sold your stock or was stopped out of it. This is a general rule which doesn't always apply.

Our Wizard was one for three this past week prediction for this week, For this week our Wizard predicts that the Nasdaq will be up, the Dow will be down, and the S&P 500 will be up for the upcoming week.

Ask the Stock Wizard a question at

Our Monkey has picked the following stocks for the week of September 17, 2000

* PRIA (PRI Automation)
* LE (Lands End)
* SFN (Spherion Corp)
* GGa (Gold Corp A)
* CTC (Comp De Telecom)

Get a quote at yahoo here

You can visit our monkey at

For the previous weeks picks our monkey was up 0.49% vs. the S&P 500 down 1.92%. Our monkey beat all three indexes last week, we have a 3 - 0, won-loss record.

· FOX (Fox Entertainment Group) +7.22%
· BA (Boeing) -2.15%
· GLM (Global Marine) +4.85%
· RUS (Russ Berrie) 0%
· TECUA (Tecumseh Prod A) -3.74%

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